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Sewer Video Inspection Can Identify Tree Root Blockages

The main cause of sewer line problems are blockages caused by tree roots that grow into a pipe. The Sewer Inspection Pros can provide a sewer video inspection that can identify tree root blockages before they cause a back up.

Sewer line blockages can have disastrous results. When sewer lines back up into a structure, residential or commercial, the extent of damage can be monetarily and mentally devastating as well as a tremendous health hazard. While scale and waste build-up are contributing factors, obstructions in sewer lines are mainly caused by the intrusion of tree roots into the pipes. The sewer lines that carry sewage or waste from a structure to the street connection host the perfect conditions for the growth of roots that are searching for water and nutrients. As these roots grow and multiply, they fill up the diameter of the pipes causing blockage and damage. A sewer video inspection can identify tree root blockages or potential blockages before they cause a problem or back up. Without this video inspection, the only way to detect such a blockage is by digging up the lines or waiting for a back-up to occur. Both scenarios are not ideal options.  The low fee for a video inspection by the Sewer Inspection Pros is well worth the savings in the long run.

The Sewer Inspection Pros are seasoned professionals that perform a sewer video inspection that can identify tree root blockages and potential problems before sewage ends up in your living room.

Our technicians will arrive on site with state of the art equipment. The client will be guided through the process while watching the sewer line video live on a large screen. This sewer video inspection can identify tree root blockages and other damage that may exist within the line. If identified properly, major problems can be avoided saving money and headaches. The Sewer Inspection Pros powered by the Mazza Inspection Group are specialists at pre-purchase inspections for residential and commercial buyers.

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