Los Angeles Sewer Video Inspections

sewer drain pipes deteriorate over time

In Residential and Commercial structures, sewer drain pipes deteriorate over time due to age and other factors.

Nothing is made to last forever. This is especially true of construction building materials that are exposed to the elements and forces of nature. Sewer drain lines connect the residential or commercial structure to the city connection in the street. These sewer lines are buried underground and cannot be seen unless they are dug up. The only way to view the inside of the pipes is with a video camera. The Sewer Inspection Pros can provide an interior view of the pipes with state of the art equipment. This can reveal the condition of the pipes to see if the sewer drain pipes have deteriorated over time. These pipes are subjected to ground movement, water, waste and their biggest enemy, tree roots.

The life expectancy of sewer drain pipes can range from 40 – 60 years and sewer drain pipes deteriorate over time underground.

There are various types of materials used for sewer drains: Clay, concrete, cast iron, Orangeburg, PVC and ABS. Each type of material has a limited life span. The sewer drain pipes deteriorate over time and once the damage causes a problem or back-up, it is extremely difficult to use the video scope technology to find the cause of the problem. Not to mention, the damage caused to the structure which can be extensive and a health hazard. The Sewer Inspection Pros will help property owners to evaluate the current condition of the sewer drain pipes to determine any necessary repairs or routine maintenance to prolong the life of the pipes, replacement necessary. Pre-purchase video inspections are especially crucial in a real estate transaction as it can help to determine any repairs that are to be requested from the sellers.


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