Santa Clarita Sewer Video Inspections

Santa Clarita Sewer Video Inspections

Santa Clarita Sewer inspections If you live in the city of Santa Clarita and are in need of a sewer line video inspection look no further. We are Sewer Inspection pros and we provide mainline sewer video inspections.
It’s normal for sewer lines to become blocked or otherwise clogged. It’s our job to find that blockage and in some cases, clear it. That is to say, remove the blockage from your main sewer line. Our equipment is state of the art and extremely efficient.

Sewer Line Inspections for Santa Clarita houses in Escrow

Santa Clarita Sewer inspections For those of you who may find yourself in escrow and need to have the sewer line inspected… we do that too. Interestingly enough, houses which are for sale have no history. It’s our job to determine the condition of that main sewer line and generate a written report for the home buyers.

Not all main lines are perfect. That said, however, you should be well aware of the condition of the sewer pipe if you plan to make a wise purchase. Moreover, it’s not wise to make such a large purchase without ever inspecting the main sewer line.

Sewer pipes are getting older in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Sewer inspections Many say that the city of Santa Clarita is somewhat newer and sewer main lines don’t need inspections. In fact, we see many home buyers shy away from getting these types of inspections for that very reason. Despite what many say, it’s important to know the condition of your main sewer line.  As a result, that means getting the sewer lateral evaluated professionally.

The only way to know the condition of the interior of the pipe is with a video camera without digging it up and cutting it open. Problems such as blockages, separations, roots, or standing water, can exist in older pipes or sewer pipes. A qualified technician will arrive and provide you with a DVD of the video taken. A written summary of the video will be provided via email.

How much are Santa Clarita Sewer Video Inspections?

Santa Clarita Sewer inspections What is the cost of a sewer inspection in Santa Clarita you ask? Typically, sewer main line inspections in the city of Santa Clarita cost around $250-$350. We charge $189 for our sewer video inspections. In fact, the prices can even go much higher than that throughout Los Angeles county. Whether you live in Saugus, Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country, it’s all Santa Clarita. Therefore the fee is still $189.

Should you get a sewer inspection?

The million-dollar question is should you get a sewer inspection when purchasing a home? In my opinion, it’s a no brainer. Your home may be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime. That is something you definitely want to protect. There are so many different scenarios that will make a person ask themselves if they actually need to spend money on a sewer inspection. Some people think a home inspection is enough. Is it really though?

Most people in Santa Clarita tend to purchase newer homes, usually from new to 10 or 15 years in age. Unfortunately, they look at the exterior of the home and think how great the paint looks. Most people don’t consider what is lying beneath the ground. Your sewer line, which is a critical part of your home is down there. Just because it’s newer, doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong with it. It takes some years for your trees and shrubs to grow and spread their roots. Over time, they can reach the sewer line and cause minor to extensive damage. Once the roots get in, they don’t want to leave. At Sewer Inspection Pro’s, we recommend that the homes in this age range get a certified camera inspection. It will leave no questions regarding your sewer lines condition.

The city of Santa Clarita also has homes that are up there in age. Again, I see people fall in love with a property, yet forget about the core of the home. One key reason for a sewer inspection on an older home is your sewer pipes condition. Older homes have older pipes, like vitrified clay, and Orangeburg. Unfortunately, these types are susceptible to cracking and collapsing. It could cost you thousands. Don’t forget that there are roots in the area as well. So it’s a good idea to invest a little money into the condition of your sewer.

How do they do a sewer inspection?

At Sewer Inspection Pro’s, we do our job one way. The right way. Once you obtain a sewer inspection from us, we make sure to go through a thorough and precise process that will make to your satisfaction. All in all, we have a step by step guide that is put to the test for you the customer.

When performing Santa Clarita sewer video inspections, we start with the verification of a cleanout access point. This is part of a visual plumbing inspection. In short, we need access to the sewer line. Most, but not all have cleanouts. If a cleanout is to present, we will remove a toilet fixture for a small fee to enter the sewer line. Our equipment includes a camera and reel that can go up to 300 feet down the line. We run the line all the way to the city connection to check for structural pipe integrity. Among other things, we look for root intrusions, pipe separation, and anything causing sewer blockages. The camera will record the whole session of the sewer line inspection Which you will receive a copy of for your records. A report from our inspector noting all findings is also included.

If and when we find a problem with your sewer pipe, we need to locate the damaged area. It’s hard to point out the damage from the top of course. In these cases, we have sewer locating equipment. The camera on the head of our reel has a locating beacon installed on the tip of the head. This transmits a signal to our locator device which is made by spartan tools and pinpoints the exact location of the area we are viewing on the video screen. The area is marked above ground for you the client. This also helps your plumber to know where to complete the repairs. The whole process takes about an hour on average. Finally, a sewer inspection report is issued to you by the next business day.

Who pays for a broken sewer line?

Sewer repairs can be very expensive. They can also be an unexpected cost you planned on using on your new or existing home. Calling Sewer Inspection Pro’s can help you from avoiding this situation. People will argue on how, why, and who is actually responsible for the sewer line damage and who will float the bill. Let’s break it down.

If you are the property owner when plumbing problems with your sewer line occur, you are most likely responsible for all costs. The sewer lateral will run from the back of your home to the city sewer connection which terminates at about the middle of the residential street. That is unless you have a septic tank. Septic tanks can be in the front or back of the property depending on the engineering. The cities responsibility starts at the transition connection at that middle street point we discussed. If the problem comes from their end, then the city takes liability. All else is the homeowner’s responsibility.

You have options if you have a Santa Clarita sewer video inspection performed by our company. For instance, the seller can be held to negotiate any found damages while the home is in escrow. This will not be the case if you don’t have your sewer pipe examined. Camera inspections do not lie. It is a valuable bargaining tool for you, the prospective buyer. Once escrow is closed, you are 100 percent responsible. If you have a shared sewer line on multiple properties, the mainline repairs are to be a shared responsibility by all property owners. It’s our job to make sure you have all your facts about the condition of your sewer when we are finished.