How much does it cost to inspect a sewer line?

How much is a sewer inspection in Los Angeles

The average price of a sewer inspection in or around Los Angeles is between $250 to $300 for a standard home with one sewer mainline. A 50 dollar service charge is normally added if a toilet fixture has to be removed for sewer access.

Again, the average price is for one mainline sewer connecting to the city sewer. On the other hand, duplexes with 2 separate mainline sewers normally cost $500 – $600. Properties with long driveways can also add an additional $100 on a basic sewer inspection. This is because the process gets more in-depth.  Apartment buildings and commercial structures can cost upwards of $750. We also charge for a re-inspection on a property previously done. Normally, repairs that have been completed need to be checked for approval.  A re-inspection normally costs $150 on average.  Considering that there are many companies that provide sewer video inspections, the price will fluctuate.

What is included with the cost of a sewer inspection?

As we know, sewer inspections will vary in price depending on different circumstances.  Regardless, you will be given a complete and thorough check-up of your sewer lines condition.  To, summarize, you will receive the following when purchasing a sewer inspection in Los Angeles.

  • Camera and video inspection
  • Pipe location services
  • certified inspection report
  • copy of the video

To start, our inspectors will arrive with our state of the art Spartan camera and locating equipment. We will complete a thorough inspection of the sewer’s mainline. This starts at the back of the home and ends at the city sewer connection. If needed, our locator will pinpoint the exact areas of damage. Also, our inspectors will make sure to go over all issues regarding your sewer on site. You will know all and any concerns before we leave the premises.

A certified inspection report will be issued on a pdf file. This will help with any negotiations for repairs, or proof of the condition of your sewer. Finally, you will recieve a copy of the sewer inspection video. More than likely, you will receive a link to view or download the video whenever you need to.

Who can perform sewer inspections in Los Angeles?

How much is a sewer inspection in Los Angeles

It is a small list when it comes to asking who can perform sewer inspections. Having a sewer inspection is a specialized service. You can always find other ways to have your sewer examined. Albeit, your best bet is to go the smart and safe way.

Normally, service and repair plumbers have sewer camera equipment. They need this equipment on a daily basis when they are doing repairs. You could call your local Roto-Rooter to have a look if you are having a problem. The price may get more costly though. Service and repair plumbers charge by the hour and have a minimum time they must charge. The price will get higher if they also do repair work. It is a good idea to make sure that you hire a reputable plumber if you go this route.

It’s a good idea to always use a certified sewer line inspector for your scope. It is the best way to figure out how much sewer inspections costs in Los Angeles. Comparatively, it is a more accurate price than paying per hour by a service plumber. You will get a verbal price from our inspection team so you know the exact costs. These costs will hardly change except for underlying circumstances on occasion.  Experience should be your main priority. Sewer inspectors perform inspections on a daily basis. Service and repair plumbers do not. Some home inspectors offer an all in one package. However, it’s better to separate the home and sewer inspection. Home inspectors have much to inspect. Our sewer inspector’s priority is the condition of your sewer line.

How much do sewer repairs cost in Los Angeles?

Sewer inspections and sewer repairs go hand in hand in Los Angeles. Having a sewer inspection performed can save you so much money on costly repairs when living in the Los Angeles area. Options are better with early detection. If you are purchasing a home, it’s best to have your sewer scoped before you complete the transaction. Here’s why.

Root intrusions are the leading cause of sewer line problems in the Los Angeles area. The average plumber will charge 200 dollars to do a simple rooter job on root intrusions. Likewise, this can be a recurring event that will add up quickly. Hydro jetting the system will cost you 500 dollars at a minimum. This is the use of high-pressure water to push all roots debris out of the sewer line. Roots will also collapse sewer lines. The shifting earth can also separate the sewer line over time. These repairs will run in the thousands. You will have to have the ground excavated, and the line replaced. Comparatively,  replacing just a 10-foot piece of pipe will cost 1500 dollars on average.

Most, if not all of these costs can be avoided. Having a simple sewer inspection is much cheaper than the cost of repairs in the Los Angeles area. The entire process takes an hour on average. If you are in escrow, this is crucial. Not having an inspection will leave you liable for all repairs. In conclusion, having preventative maintenance performed will keep you from unexpected emergencies and high repair costs.