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Our job is to provide the client with an accurate assessment of the sewer line. We are an unbiased third party inspection company and are not on site to sell any type maintenance or repairs. We do not do any types of repairs but are able to give recommendations or referrals of qualified contractors if requested by the client.
Problems that occur within a main sewer line are only apparent when problems arise. Our video inspection equipment is able to identify and locate potential problems within the line before disaster strikes. It is also a lot less expensive than digging up the line to find a problem. Typical sewer issues can range in repair costs anywhere from $500 to $25,000 and up, depending on the damage to the sewer line and the structure due to the backup.
The sewer line from the structure to the city connection in the street is the responsibility of the home or business owner. Potential problems may not be noted at the time of the pre-purchase inspection. A video scope of the main sewer can alert the buyer to any damage or potential blockage that has not yet taken full effect on the system which will eventually lead to costly repairs.
Ninety percent of main sewer lines inspected in the Southern California area are found to have some type of damage or blockage. The main culprit of sewer line blockage is tree roots. Other foreign objects have also been noted to block the lines. The materials used to for the sewer line have limited life span. Materials will deteriorate, wear out or become brittle or damaged due to age. Joints can become disconnected for various reasons such as seismic activity or other forces pushing upon the lines.
Typically a structure is constructed clean outs with removable caps for the plumbing system to correct any backups that may occur. Each structure will vary with regard to cleanout locations and accessibility. If an exterior access cannot be accessed, other methods of entry can be utilized depending on the building.
The complete process from start to finish will take approximately one hour from the time the technician arrives, completes the video inspection and reviews the findings verbally with the client. Longer sewer lines or complicated systems may take longer.
Our certified technicians are plumbing professionals with years of experience and trained to operate the specialized equipment necessary to perform the video inspection and analyze the findings.
The camera equipment we use is state-of-the-art, high resolution, and provide video and pictures in full
color with dvd production capabilities.
The client will be provided with a dvd of the video inspection on site and a computer generated narrative report, including pictures in pdf format. The report will also include an approximate cost assessment of repairs, which is helpful when comparing to estimates from various contractors.
A qualified licensed contractor should always be consulted to evaluate and perform repairs, if necessary. This can help to ensure that the work is done in accordance to local building standards. We do not offer repairs of any kind but would be happy to refer a licensed contractor at the request of the client.