sewer video inspections in Los Angeles

Sewer Video Inspections in Los Angeles

 Sewer Inspection Pros provide sewer video inspections in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

Are you looking for a sewer video inspection in Los Angeles or surrounding areas? Sewer inspection pros are a group of seasoned plumbing professionals specializing in sewer video inspections. We specialize in pre-purchase sewer video inspections. Buyers should do their due diligence when making a purchase of a residential or commercial structure. In general, sewer lines come from the structure to the city connection in the street. Did you know that the property owner is responsible for the sewer line and not the city? Wouldn’t you want to know what is down there before you purchase it? The only way to do this without digging up the line is by video inspection.

In other words, if you are planning on making an investment in a new home, having a sewer inspection video performed is the best way to protect that investment. It will also give you peace of mind from worrying about unexpected sewer emergencies.

 How can a sewer video inspection in Los Angeles help buyers and property owners?

A sewer video inspection performed by Sewer Inspection Pros can identify current or potential problems that may exist in the sewer line. Typical issues found are blockages and damage or deterioration to the sewer line. Did you know that ninety percent of sewer video inspections detect some type of issue with the sewer line? The most common being tree roots invading the sewer line. Tree root blockage can lead to potential disasters by causing a blockage which leads to back up of sewage within the structure. This is not only monetarily devastating but a health hazard as well.

Other types of damage would include cracks and deterioration caused by age and wear. The sewer lines have a limited life span so they do not last forever. Sewer video inspections in Los Angeles can be especially helpful since a majority of the homes are older than 25 years old and have many mature trees on the property. Sewer Inspection Pros can help make prospective property owners aware of potential costs.

What types of damages do sewer inspections look for?

It’s extremely important for us to perform precise sewer scope inspections on any property we evaluate. Our customers are making a huge investment for themselves and their families. We look at everything that could be harmful to the sewer system. However, in Los Angeles, we have a list of more common problems that tend to occur more frequently. These items in no particular order are –

  • Root intrusions
  • blockages
  • Pipe separation
  • Collapsed pipe

In summary, these are issues that we deal with in the city of Los Angeles.  The city has a rate of vegetation and mature trees. Sewer lines in the city have been in place for decades. Tree roots seek out alternate water sources. The sewer line is that alternative. For example, roots will find any tiny opening possible and find their way in. Once inside, they will grow at a rapid rate. The excess growth will cause a mainline stoppage or sewer blockage. You will need to call a plumber. This can become a recurring event that will add up in service costs.

Having a separated or collapsed sewer line are severe issues that can cost thousands to repair. Pipes that are severely aged, or infested with roots can have these sorts of problems. Sewer pipes made of Clay and Orangeburg are highly susceptible to pipe collapse. Roots can wrap around the outside of the pipe and slowly crush it until it collapses. In a moment, the soil will enter the pipe and create a mainline stoppage. In addition, the always shifting ground can cause sewer pipes to separate. This is another way that outside soil and roots will enter your sewer line.

The cost of a sewer inspection in Los Angeles.

Having a sewer video inspection completed is always a good idea, especially in Los Angeles.  Prices can vary for different situations. However, how much is a sewer scope? Prices of sewer inspections can be broken down in different ways. Here is how we break it down.

The average cost of a sewer line inspection in Los Angeles is between $250 to $300 for a standard home. A 50 dollar service charge will be charged if a toilet fixture has to be removed for sewer access.
Again, the average price is for one mainline sewer connecting to the city sewer. On the contrary, duplexes with 2 separate mainline sewers normally cost $500 – $600. Properties with long driveways can also cost an additional $100 for the inspection. This is because the process gets more in-depth.  Apartment buildings and commercial structures can cost upwards of $750. We also charge for a re-inspection on a property previously done. You should always have any repair work checked.  A re-inspection normally costs $150 on average.  Considering that there are many companies that provide sewer video inspections, the price will fluctuate.








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