Video Inspection of Underground Sewer Lines

Video inspection of underground sewer lines is always recommended. If you are purchasing a residence or commercial structure, you will want to have the pipes evaluated by video because there is no way of knowing the condition without digging up the pipes. The Sewer Inspection Pros will find an acceptable clean out or other means of access and send down state of the art camera equipment to check for damage, breaks, offsets, roots, or other obstructions. Other issues that could be noted are standing water due to build-up or improper slope.

Video Inspections will Identify Problems in Underground Sewer Lines

You don’t want to find out about these problems after escrow closes because at that point, it is too late to ask for the seller to repair any problems. The underground sewer lines are your responsibility until it hits the city connection. If a system is backed up due to blockages, major costs can be incurred due to damage to the structure and items located within the building. This condition can also create a health hazard. Now, the sewer lines will have to be repaired as well as the damage caused by the backup. Sewer Inspection Pros will find these problems with a video inspection of the underground sewer lines before it is too late.

 Peace of Mind from Video Inspection of the Underground Sewer Lines

Many people think that they wasted their money by paying for a video inspection of the underground sewer lines if it comes out positive with no problems. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind, knowing that you are purchasing a property that does not have any problems or potential problems. Sewer Inspection pros can put your mind at ease with a video inspection of the underground sewer lines.

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